21 Jan 2022
You are cordially invited to join Sasin Research Seminar.
Global Leadership Perspectives: Insights and Analyses
By Dr. Éric-Jean Garcia Affiliate Professor of Leadership at Sciences Po, Paris (France) Friday January 21, 2022, 12:00 -13:00 pm. Venue: The seminar will be online via Zoom. Please RSVP to receive a Zoom link. Short Summary: This research draws on the work of Simon Western and I focusing on how leadership is a culturally bound concept and practice whereby bringing to light 2 major gaps existing in the dominant literature. The first one is the significant divide between theory and practice, i.e.: the rhetoric of performative leadership versus “what is really going on” in organizations. The second one is the marginal body of critical theory that challenges the empirical and reductionist research findings focusing on individualism, behaviourism and organisationalism reflecting the Westernized pervasive ideas about what a good leader is. The preliminary findings of this research should help leadership scholars and developers to work out new approaches aimed at providing truly nutritive and enlightening accounts at the expense of prescriptive and law like generalisations.   For more information please contact Khun Nanthapak Pinyo at 091 479 4551, 02 218 4036 or researchseminar@sasin.edu.  
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