Sasin Japan Center (SJC)

The Bridge Between Japan and the Mekong Region Countries
The Bridge Between the Mekong Region Countries and Japan
Sasin Japan Center (SJC) has served as a bridge between Japan and the Mekong region countries in order to enhance connections at both business and academic levels. With its strategic location in Bangkok, in the heart of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS), SJC promotes Thailand’s and the region’s rich cultures and customs to Japanese business people and academics through various activities. SJC has served as a platform for academics, business groups, and public sector organizations to develop strong, impactful connections between the Greater Mekong Sub-Region and Japan.  
SJC has 3 core domains: Knowledge creation (Research): SJC conducts interviews and discussions with leaders of major corporations in order to gain insights and make connections for business in Thailand. SJC and NNA, a leading Japanese business newspaper, publish monthly articles by interviewing top management of leading companies. These interviews help uncover the key factors to be successful in Thailand and in other ASEAN markets as well as the weak points of Japanese companies, such as frequent job rotation. Knowledge sharing (Education):  SJC helps disseminate these insights to students and business leaders in Thailand and Japan through seminars, workshops, and internship programs. Knowledge practice (Consulting):   The SJC team offers consulting services for Japanese companies. Feasibility studies, research on market size, restructuring personnel evaluation systems, and strategic planning are among our areas of specialty.  
Visitors 2024:
Companies: Large enterprises: Asahi Group Holdings, Chiba Bank, Chugoku Bank, Daishi Hokuetsu Bank, Hino Motors Asia, Fujitsu, Gunma Bank, Hanwa, Hokuyo Bank, Iyo Bank, Marubeni, Mizuho Bank, Musashino Bank, Nikkei, Nomura Real Estate (Thailand), Panasonic Energy, Panasonic Industry, Rohm, Shiga Bank, SLBS (Siam Steel), Sompo Japan, Tanabe (Thailand), Toho Bank, Universal Studio Japan, Bank of Yokohama, Yuasa Trading SMEs/Family Business: Ailop (Thailand), Anchan, ATZ Institution, Castem, FSD, Ginza Tailor, Gunma Seiko (Thailand), Kanepackage (Thailand), Kokubo Rock Ice (Thailand),  Kusatsu Electric (Thailand), MBA Lounge, Minoru (Thailand), Nissoken, Recomm Business Solutions (Thailand), Rezil, Sekaitaka Koyamaya Group, Shizen Energy, Tanabe (Thailand), Techno Brave Asia, Torari Enterprise, Total Service, Ultraagency X, Ubisoft, Yagishita (Thailand), Yamashina Bangkok Fastening, Yamagata (Thailand) Academic Institutes: NUCB Business School Public Organization: Association of Thai-Japanese Tourism Business Development, Kyoto Prefecture,   Visitors 2023: Companies: Large enterprises: Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Corporation (Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong), Toyota Tsusho (Vietnam), Taisei Corporation, JTB, ANA, Bangkok MUFG, NEC, Sekisui Chemical Industry, Hitachi, Sony, Baker McKenzie, AEON, Thana Sinsap, JMAC, Mercer, Kyudenko, Outsourcing Inc., Yokogawa, Konoike Asia, Yuasa Engineering, Maruha Nichiro, MHCB Consulting, SBCS, Bridgestone Sales, Fine Metal Technologies, Shinki Bus (Himeji and Bangkok), Hokuyo Bank (Hokkaido), Yokohama Bank, Chiba Bank, Gunma Bank, Hokuriku Bank (Toyama), Shiga Bank, Fukuoka Bank, Rojana Industrial Park, Waste Management Siam, Thai Asahi Kasei Spandex, CKD, Mitsui Chemical, Yokohama Asia, Kagoshima Bank, Gifu Shinyo-kinko Bank, Hiroshima Bank, Sanin Godo Bank, Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank, Gifu Shinkin Bank,  Hyakugo Bank, Juroku Bank, Tri Petch Isuzu SMEs: GDM (Thailand), Pliant Inc., Meiko Technos, andAsia Co., Ltd, Tojo Sekkei, Shinhira Shuzo, Tokkoen, Nozaki Tsukemono,  mediator, Kikuwa, Sonoda Rikuun, Fujikinu Group, Imabeppu Sangyo, Arimura Shoji, Matsui MFG. Co., Ltd. (Osaka), Yoshikawa Kasei (Osaka), Kawakita Denko, Infra-tech, NSL, Tenking (Thailand), Kawakita Denko, Shizen International, FANCL, L’autre rive, Clariant, SkyDrive, Daiwa Factory, Takumi World, Sanko Plantech, Go Beyond Asia Co., Ltd., Naturanix, J Education, Zeroboard, Abilica, Ichiyoshi Sangyo, Iredudake, Suehiro EPM, Nanzanen, Kayo Giken, Oyama Densetsu Kogyo, Grand Stage, Inoue Denki Koji, Ichifuku, Nagano ACS, Shizutech, Denkensha, Takeda Shoji, Murata Kaikei Jimusho, Soshin Inoue, Ochimizu Tadashi Shoten, Partners Law Office, Digital und Meer Academic Institutes: Waseda Business School, NUCB Business School, Meiji Business School, Kyoto University, Thai Kosen, Chiang Mai University, Tsuru University, School of Management at Zhejiang University Public Organization: METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), JETRO Bangkok, JICA,  JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization), JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), AOTS (The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships), TPA ( Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)), JTECS (Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society), Asia SEED, JFC (Japan Finance Corporation), Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation of Japan, Kyoto City,  
Internships supported by Japanese Governments:
2020: Hitachi (Tokyo) 2019: Hitachi (Kita-Kanto), Kumagai Gumi (Nagoya) 2018: Hitachi (Kansai) 2017: Hitachi (Kyushu), Maeda Glass, Keio University 2016: Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Shinki Bus, Tohoku University 2015: Sumitomo Corporation, Japan Radio, Dentsu, Sophia University 2014: Fujitsu, Shinki Bus, Kowa Products, Soka University 2013: Mizuho Bank, Maruzen, Waseda University  
Message from Director of Sasin Japan Center 
Sasin Japan Center (SJC) was established as one desk of a consulting division of Sasin School of Management (SMC) in 2008 and grew and evolved to become SJC in 2011. We faced some difficulties when SJC was first established as we were asked to change to a different name (of country and region), instead of Japan. With support from Professor Toemsakdi Krishnamra (Former President of Chulalongkorn University and Founder of Sasin), Professor Donald Jacobs (Former Dean of Kellogg School of Management), Professor Dipak C. Jain (Former Dean of Kellogg, Former Dean of INSEAD, Former Dean of Sasin and current Dean of CEIBS) and the current Director of Sasin, Professor Ian Fenwick, as well as over 30 Japanese leading companies, SJC has maintained its current position. We think there is a huge significance and responsibility in the fact that a center with “Japan” in its name is attached to the best university in Thailand, an institution that has a significant influence on the country’s politics and economy. Everyone at SJC continues to strive to contribute to the happiness of this region by seeking and listening to advice and input from all of our stakeholders.   Prof. Takamasa Fujioka, PhD Director of Sasin Japan Center President, Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies
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