30 Sep 2020
We’re resuming our popular sorties to little-know gems of sustainable solutions. And where better to begin than lovely Kung Bang Krachao, the “Lung of Bangkok.” Here we will visit two very different sites. The first is Wat Chak Daeng where monks run a mini-recycling operation that converts plastic waste into robes they can wear of sell. The second location is a cozy community-run staycation venue, the Bangkok Tree House, where we will enjoy a relaxing lunch. Come one, come all. The fee covers transport & insurance. Seats are limited. First come, first served. THB 300 for transportation & insurance. Book now for 20 ppl only! Schedule 08.00 Depart from Sasin 09.00 Arrive at Wat Chak Daeng 09.30 Talk and Q&A: Recycling bottle to clothes 11.30 Depart to Bangkok Tree House Hotel 12.00 Lunch at Bangkok Tree House Talk: Community Hotel 13.30 Depart to Sasin 14.30 Arrive at Sasin RSVP: https://tinyurl.com/sectripsep20
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