Real Estate International Project Marketing - Think Global, Act Local

08 Feb 2023

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This program is ideal for professionals in the Real Estate industry who want to create a competitive advantage in the region, position their real estate developments on the international stage, and maintain a long-term value chain for success. Mid to high-level management seeking avenues to bring their company to the next level will benefit from this webinar by learning how to implement an International Framework based on the philosophy, “Think Global, Act local”. In a rapidly changing world, it is critical to understand how cultural elements influence communication between individuals and groups. Cultural differences between a company and its customers can derail a project. International Project Marketing requires an understanding of cultural differences and norms to develop and maintain a competitive edge mitigating the risks involved in expanding beyond the domestic market. One of the main success factors in International Project Marketing is the composition of a memorable narrative. A project marketing strategy consists of a value proposition, brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements of a company. Through storytelling, project marketing forges connections among people and between people and ideas. We will explore how to build authenticity, use compelling metaphors, acknowledge counter-views, and know your target audience.
  • Set the key routes and channels for effective Project Marketing
  • Strengthen competitive position in International project marketing
  • Identify and learn how to utilize your target audience and consumer behavior
  • Identify and advance your value propositions
  • Built a pragmatic customer journey for success
Click here to REGISTER NOW and get the Zoom link Date: Wednesday February 8, 2023 Time: 6 – 7 PM ICT (Bangkok) Venue: Online via Zoom *Free of Charge*  
Marciano Birjmohun Vice President Business Development, Magnolias Quality Development Corporation Director, Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce Marciano has been an intrinsic part of International Project Marketing, Business Development, and Management, with expertise in Real Estate for a decade. His experience in restructuring and managing business units from needs assessment through implementation and maintaining relationships for organizational growth has resulted in highly successful new market identification.   If you have any questions please let us know at  
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