Sasin Impact Entrepreneurship Week 2024

19 Jun 2024
Join Us at Sasin Impact Entrepreneurship Week 2024: Unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurs for a Brighter Tomorrow
Bangkok, Thailand – Mark your calendars! From June 19-23, 2024, the Sasin School of Management, Thailand’s leading business school, is thrilled to host the Sasin Impact Entrepreneurship Week 2024 (SasinIEW). This isn’t just any event; it’s a global gathering designed to spark innovation, foster unique collaborations, and celebrate the spirit of impactful entrepreneurship. We’re bringing together a colorful mosaic of minds from Thailand, the region, and the world.
What’s SasinIEW All About? Imagine a place where the brightest minds from academia, startups, VCs, corporates, government, and non-profits converge. That’s SasinIEW! It’s our mission to harness our collective intelligence, driving forward ideas that matter, and crafting a future where entrepreneurship flourishes, inclusively and impactfully. This is where paths cross, ideas meld, and the future of entrepreneurship takes shape—locally, regionally, and globally.
Experience the Highlights of the Week:
  1. GCEC New Frontier: Bangkok Summit 2024 – A first in Asia, endorsed by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC). Join world-renowned thought leaders and innovators under the banner of “Inclusive Entrepreneurship Driving Impact”. It’s more than a conference; it’s a movement. Secure your spot at
  2. Bangkok Business Challenge 2024 Competition – Powered by SCG Chemicals, this is where the world’s brightest student entrepreneurs pitch their startups, competing for a prize pool of 1.5 million THB. It’s a chance to get noticed, get feedback, and get ahead—all in the name of sustainable innovation.
  3. Family Enterprise Case Competition – Asia Pacific 2024 – A unique battleground for graduate students to dissect and solve intricate family business challenges. It’s a showcase of analytical prowess and a stepping stone to the global stage in Vermont, USA, in 2025.
Why You Can’t Miss SasinIEW 2024: SasinIEW is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for change. By weaving together the insights of thought leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and NGOs, we’re setting the stage for a future where businesses not only thrive but also contribute positively to society and the environment. It’s about creating a melting pot of ideas, a symposium of innovation, where every interaction could be the seed of the next big thing.
So, are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Join us at SasinIEW 2024 and be at the forefront of shaping the future of entrepreneurship. Let’s make an impact together!
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