Sasin Research Seminar - Buddhism, organization, and economic development across Asia

30 May 2024
You are cordially invited to join Sasin Research Seminar.
Buddhism, organization, and economic development across Asia
By Assistant Professor Hee-Chan Song, Ph.D. Faculty, Sasin School of Management Thursday May 30, 2024, 11:30 am -12:30 pm Venue: Room 201, Sasin School of Management. Please register here to reserve your seat. In this seminar, Assistant Professor Dr. Hee Chan Song will briefly discuss my research outcomes and findings. The first is about temple organization where monks need to manage the conflicts between spirituality and finance. The second is about potential linkages of Buddhist philosophy and management theory. And, the third is about the role of Buddhism in economic development. There will be open discussion afterwards. For more detailed introduction of the seminar & project, please visit the website.   For more information please contact Khun Nanthapak Pinyo at 091 479 4551, 02 218 4036 or  
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