18 May 2021
Building and Exiting a Sustainable Clothing Brand in Cambodia
Founded on the principles that clothing should be produced in a way that embraces people and causes as little harm to the environment as possible, Dorsu was established to set an example within the Cambodian and global garment industry. Contrary to the conventional design approach, where brands are disconnected from the factories that produce their clothing, Dorsu designs and produces onsite. This allows for conceptualization, sampling, testing and adjusting garments in real-time before sending them out to the world. Hanna built the company and a passionate, progressive team who are committed to doing ‘business’ right by their community and environment through pioneering an alternative approach to garment manufacturing in Cambodia. The Fireside Chat will explore Hanna’s entrepreneurship story from starting a business to selling it, empowering local leaders to impact change in local industries. Other topics will include:
  • Rapid growth of sustainability in Southeast Asia (SEA) business
  • Garment production in SEA
  • Environmental and social and impact of global supply chains
WHEN: Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 at 6.00pm WHERE: Virtually via Zoom Webinar Register Here #SasinSEC #sasinschoolofmanagement #SECsundowner
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