16 Jun 2021
Opportunity, Growth, & Impact. 
Creating a Sustainable Food System in Thailand
Moh and Pearl founded Happy Grocers amidst the COVID19 pandemic during March 2019, when they discovered the disconnection between small farmers and the consumer market in Bangkok. With a background in social entrepreneurship and sustainability, Moh and Pearl ensure that Happy Grocers makes social and environmental impact by default. Today, Happy Grocers has grown into a business that brings sustainably farmed agricultural products to customers in the city through home delivery and an eco-friendly grocery truck service. This Fireside Chat explored the following topics:
  •  Insights from starting a business from zero baht and in one garage
  • Creating an impact company by embracing waste reduction and “ugly” produce
  • Building a brand based on value for sustainability and conscious consumption education
WHEN: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 at 6.30pm #SasinSEC #sasinschoolofmanagement #SECsundowner
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