Social Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Systemic Change (Hybrid)

29 Nov 2022
The World Needs Systemic Change This is the contention of Sasin Professor “GJ” van der Zanden in a recent article for AACSB, the flagship business school accrediting organization. If Professor GJ’s inference is correct, the next question to ask is what might be the unexpected drivers of systemic change. We know that Sasin has a head start, given with our mantra to Inspire. Connect. Transform. For a better, smarter, sustainable world. Startups—and especially “social” enterprises—know better than most the challenges that can drive unanticipated change. Lars Svensson, CEO of our Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center has experienced his share of trials and will be sharing what he has learned along the way with us on Tuesday, 29 November. Come help make our newly arrived CEO feel welcomed! When: November 29, 2022 6.00-7.00 PM (ICT) Where: Hybrid (Zoom and Sasin) Please register   
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