Artificial Intelligence and Election Integrity

03 May 2023
Here at SasinSEC we emphasize that effective governance—the “G” in “ESG”—begins with uniform and transparent processes. The 2023 Bangkok House of Representatives Election is but one part of the 2023 countrywide election for the Thai House of Representatives scheduled to take place on 14 May. It consists of the election of members of the House of Representatives on a constituency and a party-list basis. Metropolitan Bangkok has the highest number of constituencies in this election, with 33. This represents a major battleground for all political parties as they compete for the most seats in the House. To ensure transparency and fairness in the upcoming 2023 elections, Bangkok Governor Chatchart Sittipunt is recommending that the Election Commission of Thailand use an AI-based system to verify voters and to count votes. There would also be CCTV and 24-hour live broadcasting from within the ballot storage room of Bangkok’s MPs. By recording vote counting boards at polling stations and relaying the information to district vote-counting centers every 15 minutes, the AI system could continually tally the numbers and track voter IDs. This would make counting faster and more reliable. Currently, this system is under trial use. If it is successful, it will be presented to the Election Commission to request permission to use it, making the Bangkok House of Representatives Election a model for other elections in the country. Other technology will be used to prevent anyone from entering and exiting the card storage room. If someone attempts to move the ballot box, an alarm will be triggered immediately. It will be monitored live through CCTV 24 hours a day to ensure that there will be no tampering with ballots. To ensure election transparency, citizens can report irregularities through a mobile app to instantly track suspicious incidents. If people see election law violations such as the exercise of voting rights, the BMA will report to the Election Commission of Thailand for further action. Another common complaint, that of campaign signs that do not comply with regulations, can also be reported. Insuring transparency is one of the most effective methods of building trust in the system and its outcome. Not only countries but also families, communities, and companies require the foundation of transparency and resilience which Sasin SEC introduces into all its programs.    
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