01 Jul 2019
Surawat (Sam) Promyotin Executive Director, Bangkok Venture Club Board Member, Thai Venture Capital Association CEO & Co-Founder, STYLHUNT As Executive Director of Bangkok Venture Club, Surawat (Sam) Promyotin has helped to screen thousands of startups on behalf of nearly 600 angel investors, VCs, CVCs, Private Equity Funds, accelerator programs, and senior corporate executives.  In addition, he has judged and/or mentored at dozens of programs including Startup Thailand, DEPA, Spark, Sprint, Seedstars, AIStheStartup, Digital Ventures Accelerator, DTAC Accelerate, True Incube, Topica Founder Institute, TCELS, and more. Throughout his experience, he has observed many recurring patterns regarding where pitches most commonly fail.  The goal of this talk is to walk through the structure of a pitch deck and highlight typical problem areas — so that you might ultimately avoid them when pitching your own startup! [Video | Presentation | Gallery]  
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