07 Dec 2021
A paper written by Sasin’s Associate Professor Pattanaporn Chatjuthamard, Sasin’s Visiting Professor Pornsit Jiraporn, and Sasin’s Ph.D. Alumni Dr. Suwongrat Papangkorn, was recently published on IntechOpen. Gender diversity in the workplace has been an issue receiving a tremendous amount of attention both in academia and in the popular press. The research to date has tended to focus on the obstacles to promotion of women at lower and middle management levels, often referred to as a glass ceiling effect. However, most research on the subject has been mainly restricted to the definition of gender, by biological determination, that is, male and female, rather than by social construction. This chapter addresses the impact of gender diversity leadership and firms’ performance. In addition, it offers a synopsis of selected research examining the LGBT-supportive workplace policies and firms’ outcomes. Further, the chapter identifies priorities for future research that can advance our understanding of this research area, and the broader field of financial studies, encompassing the growing interest in the boundaries between the economic, the psychological and the social areas. Click here to find the full article on IntechOpen
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