Interview with Dr. Geoff Perry – The Challenges and Opportunities of Business Schools

05 Jan 2023
Collaboration is a challenge for modern business schools as they are still operating on a competitive model, said Dr. Geoff Perry, Executive Vice-President, Global Chief Membership Officer, and Managing Director of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). “The competitive model of business schools means that many opportunities to either do research together or to share faculty where there are shortages are missed. And that’s a disadvantage to students in terms of learning but also a disadvantage in the development of knowledge, which is a value to society,” said Dr. Geoff. He emphasized that there needs to be more collaboration cross-country in business schools. That’s where he believes AACSB can fill the gaps. “AACSB provides a collaborative space that brings the school together in a non-contestable situation where they can actually grow those collaborations,” he said. Moreover, while digitization has changed the way schools work, Dr. Geoff points out that digitization is a path, but it isn’t the only path. “The challenge not just for business but also for societies is how we can capture the positive aspects that come from the digitization of business and life and ameliorate the negative aspects,” he added.  
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