Making Waves: 2022 with The Incubation Network report

10 Feb 2023
The Incubation Network is proud to share our Making Waves: 2022 with The Incubation Network report, showcasing their progress in tackling ocean plastic pollution in South and Southeast Asia! Dive into their interactive summary of insights, partnerships, and numerous supported projects that have contributed to reforming local waste ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia. Our top insights gained from the program journey can also be read here: Building a case for the unrecognized value of informal waste workers Everybody wins when we support innovations that reduce plastic use SMEs are an untapped resource in reducing plastic waste in Asia To date, The Incubation Network has supported 358 startups, resulting in 42,247 metric tonnes of plastic being diverted from the ocean through $2.3 million in funding. Report here >>
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