Sasin Alumni Return to Pioneer ESG Revolution with SasinSEC

23 May 2023
By Panichat Kitisittichai, SasinSEC    Digital transformation is about more than integrating digital technology into all areas of a business. It requires a cultural shift that forces organizations to continually challenge the status quo, to experiment, and to adapt to change. Hoping to lead this change, SasinSEC and Claris Enterprise Augmentation (Claris EA) Co., Ltd. have agreed to a direction and work plan to devise an Environmental, Social, and Governance digital platform. Claris EA is a tech start-up wing of Claris Company Limited, a leading boutique consulting firm in Thailand with nearly two decades of experience serving clients across various industries. The company is rooted in a belief in simplicity and practicality, upholding its work with the highest standard of integrity. Their newest solution,, is a cloud-based workforce augmentation platform designed to enhance organizational ways of working and is a testament to their commitment to leveraging digital technology to enhance organizational ways of working. Both the CEO and COO of Claris EA are Sasin alumni and are proud to be using their skills and experience to make the future more sustainable. This collaboration means that the alumni are coming home to old friends. Claris EA and SasinSEC will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding that could revolutionize how organizations approach sustainability efforts. The planned ESG digital platform will be innovatively designed and marked by seamless digital integration. It will facilitate transforming ESG data into actionable insights, aiding businesses to make informed, sustainability-aligned decisions. By offering real-time insights, it will allow businesses to promptly identify risks and opportunities, enhancing efficiency while fostering sustainability. This collaboration demonstrates a shared vision of merging business success with social responsibility by encouraging businesses to align with sustainable practices. It is a significant step towards building a sustainable future which showcases the transformative potential of digital technology in advancing sustainability goals.
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