16 Sep 2019
Phromthep (Dave) Malhotra CEO & Lead Hustler at SoldOutt, CEO & Founder of ShakeSphere Digital Agency and Sales Hacking Consultant for Techsauce What’s the secret sauce for selling out an event like Techsauce? Mr. Malhotra is the founder of ShakeSphere, a digital business consulting agency building tech and startup for clients like Central Group; and SoldOutt: a sales-focused, white-labeled ticketing platform that helps events like Techsauce, UX Thailand, StartmeupHK and StartupLaunchpad in Thailand and Hong Kong hack ticket sales, hitting as high as a 90%+ lead-to-conversion rate. He coached through the process of identifying key issues causing low sales, and to learn solution techniques developed firsthand by Mr. Maholtra on his path to breaking sales records. [ Video | Presentation | Gallery ]
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