The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers

02 Nov 2023
By Panichat Kitisittichai, SasinSEC        The USA-based Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) offers academia a coordinated platform for participating members from around the world to collaborate on and communicate about the specific issues and challenges confronting university entrepreneurship centers. The GCEC has invited Sasin School of Management to host a ground-breaking New Frontier Bangkok Summit next year in June for which SasinSEC will serve as lead organizer. Our SasinSEC planning team joined this year’s annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, in early October, and found the experience educational and invigorating. The 2023 Conference theme, “Mindsets and Methods,” emphasized the commitment to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and to equip them with the essential skills necessary for success. In addition to learning by observing, Sasin actively contributed to the Texas program. Drew B. Mallory, Ph.D., Professor of Organizational Behavior (and also Sasin’s first Inclusion Ambassador) delivered a persuasive lecture titled “Rethinking DEI: An Entrepreneurial Approach from Thailand.” He spotlighted innovative approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the entrepreneurial context. Additionally, SasinSEC members Lars Svensson, Chief Executive, and Koichi Kanaboshi, Business Development Manager, offered a revealing lecture on “Fostering Open-Impact Ecosystems: Engaging with the National Community in Building Sustainable Partnerships.” Their presentation emphasized the critical role of inclusive partnerships in fostering a robust and sustainable impact ecosystem, especially the importance of community participation to promote entrepreneurial growth. Sasin’s hosting of next year’s ground-breaking GCEC New Frontier Bangkok Summit represents a significant milestone for the entrepreneurial community in Asia. It will be the first summit of its kind in the region, another indication of our commitment to nurturing an environment that supports the growth of dynamic leaders and forward-thinking innovators. The insights we gleaned from our visit this year will bear fruit, next year. The upcoming 2024 New Frontier Bangkok regional GCEC summit that we are hosting will unlock a wealth of ideas, insights, and connections that we expect will help participants shape the direction of entrepreneurship education in Asia. We appreciate the encouragement of the academic and business communities and look forward to their participation as we strive to pave the way forward for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Do stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together! More info: GCEC New Frontier: Bangkok Summit 2024
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