Transitioning to Sustainability

03 May 2023
SasinSEC Applauds Advancing ESG Goals at EARTH JUMP 2023 SasinSEC members joined Kasikorn Bank’s “EARTH JUMP 2023: New Frontier of Growth” event on 24 April. Also present were several hundred leading public and private sector heads, entrepreneurs, and innovators interested in promoting global economic growth and sustainable development. Attendees heard from over 30 worldwide leaders and specialists on the topic of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It proved to be a golden opportunity to network with like-minded participants and share thoughts about how to solve global issues while working to build a sustainable future. SasinSEC plays an essential role in targeting many of the ESG factors raised by the speakers to foster sustainable economic growth, social development, and responsible governance. With the big plans laid out, the focus now shifts to resourcing and ensuring successful execution. Effective implementation and efficient resource allocation are vital to translating ambitious objectives into tangible results. By helping to concentrate efforts on strategic resourcing and implementation, SasinSEC and our partners can bring these visions to life, hoping to steer towards a more prosperous and resilient future.  For “EARTH JUMP 2023” background, click here; for more on the event itself, click here.
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