Understanding transgender persons' careers to advance sustainable development: The case of Trans for Career Thailand

24 May 2022
A Research Article by Sasin Professor and His Team Published in Sustainable Development Journal
Understanding transgender persons’ careers to advance sustainable development: The case of Trans for Career Thailand by Dr. Enrico Fontana and Prapassorn Siriwichai Careers are fundamental in progressing gender and income equality as key objectives of sustainable development. However, transgender persons often face unique challenges that prevent them from advancing in the world of work. This article elaborates upon the case of “Trans for Career Thailand,” an advocacy group established during the COVID-19 pandemic with the purpose of offering career and employment opportunities to all transgender persons. Through primary and secondary data, the findings elucidate how “Trans for Career Thailand” uses its social media presence to build career knowledge, a community of career professionals and, finally, a trans career movement. This article shines a spotlight on the careers of transgender persons as a point of departure for advancing gender and income equality. Hence, it contributes to career development literature while offering important recommendations for sustainable development, employment policies, and advocacy groups. The research article can be downloaded on Wiley Online Library
Dr. Enrico Fontana’s research lies within the organizational domain and takes an interdisciplinary approach to study the role of business in society. While acknowledging the indigenous meaning associated with executing corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, his projects aim to shine a spotlight into how local organizational players in the Global South socially navigate embedded networked and/or institutionalized arrangements to do (or not to do) CSR. In so doing, his research applies different levels of analysis, spanning from the micro to the macro dimension.
About the journal: The Sustainable Development journal is a wide interdisciplinary publication which seeks to further debate and discuss the important concept of sustainable development. The scope of the journal therefore allows for contributions which have a local, national or global focus from a philosophical to a practical perspective.  
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