13 Mar 2020
On March 11th, the 30 qualifying teams from the first round of the Business Triathlon by Sasin, were briefed via Facebook Live by three leading companies – CPF, Singha Corporation, and Tesco Lotus. The teams had approximately 2 hours to come up with (1) a ranking of their companies of choice and (2) a proposal to execute the given project scope. To proceed to the final round, the teams’ choices had to match the interest and choices of the companies. Today, March 13th, the finalists of Business Triathlon by Sasin 2020 were announced. The final 15 teams will get to join a coaching session and work on a 1-month project for the companies. Congratulations to all the finalists!
  • Acestasy
  • Benthree
  • Cape
  • Dumpling consulting
  • Extrema
  • Happy three pigs
  • Junshine
  • Let’s get rich
  • Marmalade
  • No brand
  • Prestige Co.
  • SalmonFace
  • Strikers
  • Team Titan
  • Webarebears
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