CAT Telecom Executives Speeched by Sasin's Deputy Director

24 Jun 2009

Sasin Deputy Director Kittiratt Na-Ranong, on 24 June 2009, was invited by CAT Telecome Public Company Limited to give a speech on "The Economic Crisis and Its Way Out" for its 120 executives to have more understanding on global economy and the impact to Thailand's business sectors. The speech focused also on the possible measures to cope with the difficulties

kittirat at Cat

WELCOMING: From left to right, CAT Telecom's Assistant Vice President for R&D Dr Pheeradej Na nan (Sasin EMBA 2007), Sasin's Deputy Director Kittiratt Na-Ranong, CAT Telecom's Vice President for Human Resource Development Somhai Jatuthong, CAT Telecom's Vice President for Marketing Management Tanin Youkhaw

kittiratt at Cat02

THE WAY OUT:  CAT Telecome executives were listening to Mr. Kittiratt on "The Economic Crisis and Its Way Out".

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