Co-creation of Value: Theory and Practices

28 Mar 2024
On March 14, 2024, the Sasin Japan Center (SJC) co-hosted two seminars at the Sasin Hall in collaboration with the Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies, where Director of Sasin Japan Center Professor Takamasa Fujioka was appointed as President of the academy last year, and JSIP (Japan SEA Innovation Platform), dedicated to supporting Japanese startups venturing into ASEAN markets, respectively. The seminars drew participation from over 100 executives eager to delve into pertinent topics. The first seminar commenced with a thought-provoking opening remark by Professor Fujioka, Director of Sasin Japan Center and Associate Dean of Meiji Professional Graduate School, stressing the significance of amalgamating theory with practical applications. Subsequently, Professor Junichi Muramatsu, Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima University, delivered a compelling talk entitled “Servitization of Manufacturers,” shedding light on the shift within manufacturing industries towards business models emphasizing service provision alongside product sales. The seminar further flourished with a dynamic panel discussion led by Mr. Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Director of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand), and Mr. Atsushi Kawano, Senior Project Manager of Canon Marketing (Thailand). Guided by Professor Fujioka, the discussion delved deep into various examples of value co-creation between Bridgestone and Canon. In the second seminar, Mr. Yuto Kijima from Space Cool provided insights into the current landscape of Japanese startups expanding into Thailand, paving the way for an engaging panel discussion featuring Professor Fujioka, Ryo Ikenishi (Secretary General of JSIP), and Mr. Shigeru Kiuchi (representing NEDO). The panel explored the comprehensive nurturing of the industry-government-academia startup ecosystem. Following the seminars, participants engaged in networking sessions to foster further connections and collaboration. In addition to the stimulating discussions held during the seminars, it is worth noting the recent collaboration between SJC and NEDO. Japan’s largest public management organization, NEDO, focuses on promoting research and development, as well as deploying industrial, energy, and environmental technologies. Together with SJC, NEDO embarked on a research project centered on EV battery recycling in Thailand, reflecting the ongoing commitment to practical innovation and sustainability discussed throughout the event. Moreover, JSIP’s role as an integrated platform supporting innovation creation in Southeast Asia resonates with the themes explored during our seminars. By providing one-stop access to information, networks, and practical opportunities, JSIP facilitates the kind of collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange essential for driving progress in today’s dynamic business landscape. These endeavors underscore the core mission of the Sasin Japan Center, which is dedicated to addressing a diverse array of topics and fostering dialogue among industry, government, and academia. Through the organization of workshops and seminars like these, we aim to continue nurturing meaningful connections and driving positive change in the region.
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