27 Oct 2021
Recently, a Sasin team led by Assistant Professor Yupin Patarapongsant, Ph.D. (Marketing faculty & President of the Integrated Sub-district Economic and Social Upgrading Project) and See U, one of five teams competing in the U2T Hackathon, established the U2T* South Banglumpoo-Klongsan Sub-district Project as their entry in the U2T Hackathon 2021 next month. The project’s objectives are to apply the concept of “Creative Economy”, and use the integration of both the sciences and the arts to connect with community culture and meet Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Project participants were able to learn about local lifestyles such as street art contests, developing tourist routes, and promoting other attractions. *University to Tambon/District (Integrated Sub-district Economic and Social Upgrading Project)
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