07 Jan 2022
Sasin Management Consulting (SMC) has published a new handbook, Customer Strategy: Understand, Engage, Acquire, and Retain Customers in the Disruption Age by Dr. Mayookapan Chaimankong, PCM, Project Director of SMC, and Dr. Chaipong Pongpanich, Director of SMC and Deputy Director of Sasin School of Management. This handbook provides an end to end approach that embrace the new technology advancement in this field to win customers. The reader will learn tools and techniques to:
  1. Uncover the unmet needs to create customer values
  2. Carefully select the right target customers
  3. Create awareness, engage and acquire customers
  4. Ensure the best customer experiences along their journey
  5. Build loyalty for customer value capturing
With the step by step approach, it suits for both new and experienced practitioners who involve with creating and capturing customer values. Click here to learn more about SMC  
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