02 Nov 2020
Congratulations to Norapat Phaonimmongkol (MBA 2013), CEO and Founder of Eden Agritech, and his team! Eden Agritech, a food-tech startup born at Sasin in 2015, recently won the first prize of the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards 2020! Established in 2012 to help create an ecosystem of innovation in Asia, the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards are for early-stage Asian tech startups. The winners of this year’s awards were selected from among 30 startup entrants from 13 countries in Asia. As the 1st prize winner, Eden Agritech also collected a cash prize of 3 million yen (approximately THB 900,000). Eden Agritech (then called Eden Fresh Fruit Solutions) is one of the most decorated student startups in Sasin’s recent history. In 2015, the team completed a very successful competition season as a semifinalist at the world championships, the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition (GVLC), in Austin, Texas, earning a very respectable 5th (equal) ranking in the world and collected a cash prize of US$2,000. Earlier that same year, they participated in international postgraduate new venture plan competitions yielded the following recognition and awards: 1. The mai Bangkok Business Challenge @Sasin (Bangkok, Thailand) – Finalist: US$1,500 cash prize and opportunity to enroll in Sasin’s ExecEd Open Enrollment Programs valued at US$14,000 – Best Written Business Plan in their division 2. Asia Venture Challenge (Bangkok, Thailand) – Winner: US$10,000 cash prize and invitation to compete in the “world championships” Global Venture Labs Investment Competition in Austin, Texas – Winner of 60-second pitch: US$500 cash prize – Best New Venture Showcase: US$500 cash prize – Best Written Business Plan in their division 3. New Venture Championship (Portland, Oregon, USA) – First Runner Up: US$10,000 cash prize – Best Written Plan in the competition: US$1,500 cash prize Learn more about Eden Agritech at: www.edenagri.co.th
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