27 Sep 2005

ASIA INC September 2005

NEXT YEAR, The Sasin Graduate institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn will launch its PhD programmes in Finance and Marketing.

 The Bangkok business school has decided to launch the new PhD programmes as demand for quality research and lectures has grown worldwide. The Sasin PhD programmes will be the only ones in Asia that are conducted in conjunction with the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.  For the 2006-2007 school year, Sasin is looking for six to eight bright university graduates to enter the programme.   Application details are available on Sasin’s website at http://www.sasin.edu/. The Sasin PhD programme is designed for candidates with outstanding intellectual abilities and a strong commitment to research.  Sasin offers two highly individualized principal doctoral programmes in Finance and in Marketing.  Most students are expected to complete their PhD in four to five years of full-time study.  Matriculation for PhD students will be carried in the month of June only. As PhD students will work closely with the Sasin faculty on research projects and their dissertations, applicants should make sure the PhD programme is a good academic fit and offers research areas that are of interest to them. All doctoral students must meet a set of course requirements, pass a written Preliminary Qualifying Examination, an Area Comprehensive Examination, an Oral Qualifying Examination (Dissertation Proposal), and complete and successfully defend a dissertation (Dissertation Defense). In order to provide students with breadth and depth of learning, as well as a global perspective with regional relevance, the programme requires students to spend their first year of study at Sasin and the second at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, before returning to South-east Asia to complete their dissertation research. In the first year of the programme, students will normally take three courses in each of four(12-week) quarters.  All classes are taken for grades; pass/fail courses are not permitted.  Most of the PhD courses at Sasin will be scheduled as one three-hour class per week extending over 12 weeks (12 classes in all). The minimum residency requirement is 36 months, including at least 24 months at Sasin and 12 months at Kellogg.  Students will normally complete all PhD requirements within four to five years. Doctoral study is highly-individualised and reflects students’ backgrounds, abilities, prior training and experience, and research interests.  All students will work closely with an adviser who will be a member of Sasin’s faculty. In Year 1, a minimum of 36 credits of coursework must be completed at Sasin.  Those students who have successfully completed all Year 1 requirements including the Preliminary Qualifying Examination will proceed to the second year at Kellogg.  During Year 2, a minimum of 36 credits of coursework will be completed and students will then be required to complete a written Area Comprehensive Examination upon their return Sasin. In Year 3 and 4, which will be completed at Sasin, students concentrate less on coursework and more on their specific research interests.   Each student will work closely with one or more faculty members, spending most of the time on research projects and independent study to develop a dissertation research area. Before the beginning of the 4th year, all students should have successfully defended a dissertation proposal.  This constitutes a dissertation proposal.  This constitutes the Oral Qualifying Examination after which students are admitted to candidacy.
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