Inclusion Toolkit Launched for Thai Businesses: Empowering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

28 May 2024
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Embassy of Canada to Thailand, Sasin School of Management, and Workplace Pride have joined hands to develop and launch a groundbreaking toolkit designed to foster inclusion in Thai businesses. The launch event, held on May 28, 2024 at Sasin School of Management, marked a pivotal collaboration between various stakeholders, bringing in different expertise to support Thai businesses in creating and enabling diverse and equitable workplaces. Entitled “Inclusion Toolkit for Organizations and Business: LGBTQI+ Insights to Increase Inclusion for All,” this comprehensive resource equips companies with practical strategies and tools to cultivate environments where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. The UNDP’s 2019 national survey on experiences of discrimination against LGBTI people in Thailand reveals that employment opportunities for LGBTI individuals in the country may still be limited due to stigma, discrimination, and health disparities. Given that more than half of employment in Thailand is in the private sector, this practical toolkit serves as an enabler, supporting the nation in achieving an inclusive society through one of its key players, the private sector. “At the heart of sustainable development lies inclusivity,” remarked Renaud Meyer, Resident Representative of UNDP in Thailand. “By championing diversity in the workplace, we not only drive economic growth but also build more resilient societies.” Canada is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion globally. H.E. Ping Kitnikone, Ambassador of Canada to Thailand, emphasized the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change: “Together, in partnership, we can create lasting transformation where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and where everyone has equal access to opportunities.” Sasin School of Management, renowned for its expertise in fostering leadership and innovation, underscored the Toolkit’s role in driving organizational success. “Diversity fuels creativity and innovation,” affirmed Director of Sasin, Dr. Ian Fenwick. “With the right tools and practices, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive sustainable growth–but that only happens when everyone feels safe and included.” Workplace Pride, the Global Platform for LGBTIQ+ inclusion in workplaces worldwide, highlighted the Toolkit’s relevance in fostering a culture of belonging. “Inclusion is not just a concept; it’s a commitment,” declared Paul Overdijk, co-founder of Workplace Pride. “By embracing diversity in all its forms, businesses can create environments where everyone can thrive authentically.” The launch event featured an engaging panel discussion, interactive break-out sessions, and networking opportunities, providing attendees with valuable insights and resources to kickstart their inclusion journey. The “Inclusion Toolkit for Organizations and Business: LGBTQI+ Insights to Increase Inclusion for All” represents a significant step forward in Thailand’s pursuit of a more equitable and prosperous society. As businesses across the nation embrace diversity and inclusion, the ripple effects of this initiative are poised to create positive change for generations to come. The “Inclusion Toolkit,” drawing from the International Workplace Pride Toolkit and built on evidence-based approaches and tailored for the Thai context, is a bilingual resource available in both Thai and English versions. It encompasses four crucial topics essential for fostering workplace inclusion: the LGBTI business cases that enhance innovation and company performance, the HR policy development ensuring equal access to benefits and welfare, the training and awareness-raising programs, and the establishment of a code of conduct to promote values, cultures and practices for inclusivity. The Toolkit offers a quick inclusion assessment for companies to determine their “readiness level” as a Launcher, Accelerator, or Champion, helping them identify gaps for improvement. Moreover, it includes over 25 worksheets on special inclusion topics of interest to Thai business and organizational leaders. By addressing these key areas, it empowers organizations to create environments where every individual, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute. Following the launch of the Inclusion Toolkit, the four partner organizations will focus on rolling out training sessions nationwide, catering to companies of all sizes. Additionally, supplementary toolkits will be developed covering key topics outlined in the Workplace Pride International Toolkit, such as Employee Networks, Leadership Development, and Advocacy. Congratulations to Sasin Inclusion Ambassador Dr. Drew B. Mallory, Ph.D. and our incredible partners, experts, volunteers, and companies for bringing the Toolkit to life! CLICK HERE for more information on the toolkit and how to access it.  
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