Information Quality of Investment Services with Social Media

12 May 2022
Sasin professor’s research article published in Journal of Computer Information Systems
With the increasing use of social media to provide investment information, it is still unclear what information characteristics customers value and thus enhance long-term relationships between the customers and financial consultants. This study examined the attributes of information quality and hedonic motivation that could influence social media use by customers to receive investment information from investment consultants. A sample of 460 investors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) was collected to test the proposed hypotheses. The study finds that investors’ use of social media to receive investment information and interact regularly resulted in positive relationships with investment consultants. The results highlighted the aspect of fit for use and context-specific for information quality. Some attributes were considered valuable and more influential than others from the investors’ point of view for this investment decision context. The article can be downloaded here.
Dr. Pattarawan Prasarnphanich is Sasin Faculty in Operations and Technology. Her expertise includes Knowledge Management, Collaboration Technology, and Electronic Commerce.
About the journal: The Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS) publishes information systems and technology research in business Intelligence, human-computer interaction, health informatics and IT project management. The journal aims to publish manuscripts that explore information systems and technology research and thus develop computer information systems globally.  
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