NGO Financial Sustainability: Resource Mobilization Through Business Activities for Asia Pacific Non-Governmental Organizations

22 Jun 2005

The Population and Community Development Association (PDA) asked  Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University to conduct a series of seminars entitled      NGO Financial Sustainability: Resource Mobilization through Business Activities for Asia Pacific Non-Governmental Organizations. The first session was held in May 2005  for 14 members of NGO’s from 5 countries: India , Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.  The latest session was held   June 22 – 23  and July 1, 2005 at Sasa Patasala Building for twenty members of NGOs from the Philippines and Vietnam and  6 additional countries including Indonesia, Malaysia,   Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan.


Once again the seminar leaders were  Professor Phillip A. Braun, Associate Professor Dr. SathitParniangthong, Dr. Kritika Kongsompong and Dr. Pattarake Sarajoti and who will run yet another session  on July 27, 28 & August 5, 2005.


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