"Reinventing Your Business Strategy" Seminar Ended with Success

25 Jun 2009


“Reinventing Your Business Strategy” seminar is completed, with over 40 senior executives from leading organizations.

Hosted by Sasin Executive Education Center, featuring Professor Paul A. Tiffany, the seminar started the first day at 8.45 on 25 June 2009 and ended at about 16.00 on 26 June 2009.

The seminar has provided the forward-thinking business executive with the latest concepts and techniques that have been developed to deal with strategic analysis and renewal. The seminar first discussed the nature of market changes that created so much confusion, and then turned to the potential solutions to the problems that emerged.
The seminar defined a method to reinvent organization’s strategy, based first on a comprehensive analysis of what they are doing now, second on an evaluation of how the current approach might be misaligned with the new realities that are arising, and finally on the creation of a new direction that is better fitted to the new environment the organization is facing. The seminar reviewed materials in all of the key functions of management and show how these new concepts are assisting firms to deal with market upheaval and change; these tools include innovative thinking, scenario planning, and change management, as well as strategic analysis.

“Reinventing Your Business Strategy” is designed to meet the needs of managers not only in different lines of business (such as manufacturing, service, and cross-border regional business firms), but is also of relevance to the public or non-profit sector executive who is dealing with the challenge of change in an uncertain environment and the need to recalibrate the organization’s current strategy. The program offers insight not only into the latest thinking on these current critical topics, but it also offers an opportunity for networking with managers and executives who are facing common problems today. Participants are able to share their own perspectives and experiences with others, and hear what they have done to meet the demands of change.

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