Sasin Action Learning: “Kung Bang Kachao: Developing Product and Pricing Strategies Concerning ESG and Circular Economy”

25 Jun 2024
Sustainability has become a critical concern in many industries today. Entrepreneurs are increasingly incorporating sustainability into their business strategies to demonstrate environmental awareness and social responsibility. Implementing sustainable practices in business operations enhances a company’s brand reputation and recognition, leading to a long-term positive impact on the environment. Sasin MBA students in the “Pricing Strategies in the Era of Sustainability and Digital Transformation” class, led by Assistant Professor Yupin Patarapongsant, had an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in two fascinating eco-friendly experiences in Kung Bang Kachao, Samut Prakan. The students gained insightful knowledge of waste management and upcycling at Wat Chak Daeng, the village community center. Students were taught about the waste management process leading to the eventual transformation of all waste into valuable upcycled materials and products. Moreover, Wat Chak Daeng has also collaborated with the PPT Group on the “OUR Khung” project. This project embraces the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) approach, which encourages individuals, including entrepreneurs, to work towards creating a better environment in a sustainable world through efficient waste management. Apart from the “OUR Khung” project, Wannapen Saepian, a Sasin alumna who led LearnDo, connected us with the PTT Group. Students learned about the developmental projects in Khung Bang Kachao and completed the tour around the 80th Anniversary Celebration Garden. In this section, the students, now enlightened and inspired by King Rama IX, initiated developmental projects in the area. Students were challenged to apply their knowledge of pricing strategies concerning ESG and the circular economy in developing sustainable products or services for “OUR Khung.” They presented various creative solutions and approaches that inspired the host agencies regarding potential plans. This transformative field trip to Kung Bang Kachao, a social innovation in action component in our course, introduced Sasin MBA students to a sustainable journey involving ESG and the circular economy. By participating in a design challenge on upcycling sustainable products and tourism services, we can potentially benefit the community. Such experiences for MBA students contribute to building an entrepreneurial mindset. It is the next step for future business leaders to be concerned about the environment, resulting in a better and more sustainable world. This experience has given a newfound sense of hope and optimism regarding the future of sustainability in business.
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