Sasin Japan Center Director Shares Insights on Varied Topics, Spanning Startups, Future Creation, and 2024 Outlook

26 Jan 2024
On January 11, 2024, ArayZ, a Bangkok-based Japanese magazine with a monthly distribution of over 20,000 copies and online presence, featured a ten-page New Year special article titled “Startups and Creative Cities Creating the Future Together with Asia.” The article was authored by Professor Takamasa Fujioka, Director of Sasin Japan Center (SJC) and Associate Dean of Meiji Professional Graduate School. This annual feature has gained popularity since its inception in 2012, covering diverse topics each year and marking the commencement of a new year for Japanese business executives in Thailand. Divided into five parts, the article explores: (1) the global economy amidst increasing geopolitical risks, (2) the perspectives of ASEAN experts and Japan’s role, (3) startups as catalysts for innovation, (4) the establishment of a startup ecosystem, and (5) the meanings and significance of being a business person within Japanese companies. Professor Fujioka’s unique insights in the article draw from various sources, including works, policy reports, and statistical materials such as Kenneth Rogoff’s “THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT” (2009), Yusof Ishak Institute’s “The State of Southeast Asia 2023,” IMD’s “World Competitiveness Ranking 2023,” Thai policies and philosophies (e.g., Sufficiency Economy, Thailand 4.0, BCG economy, etc.), Asian Development Bank’s “Thailand’s Evolving Ecosystem Support for Technology Startups” (2022), Japan’s METI’s economic and business reports (2022, 2023), Jane Jacobs’s “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” (1961), biographies of legendary Japanese executives like Konosuke Matsushita (Founder of Panasonic), and many others. Click here to read the full article in Japanese
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