Sasin Japan Center Director Unveils Potential Evolution of Thai Travel Companies

04 Jan 2024
Professor Takamasa Fujioka, Director of the Sasin Japan Center and Associate Dean of the Meiji Professional Graduate School, delivered a presentation on the findings of a questionnaire survey conducted by the Sasin Japan Center among 350 Thai business companies in October 2023. The presentation took place during the seminar titled “Understanding the Needs of Clients for Incentive Tours,” held on December 14th at Sasin School of Management. According to this study, Thai travel companies can offer not only conventional travel value but also educational and business matching value through incentive tours. There’s potential for them to transition from a commission-based business model to a consulting business. Following the introductory remarks by Professor Ian Fenwick, Director of the Sasin School of Management, Ms. Kei Doi, Executive Director of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Bangkok, as the organizer, made comments. Professor Fujioka then presented the study’s findings. Subsequently, a special panel discussion involved Thailand’s Government Savings Bank (GSB), the Shinkin Central Bank (the central financial institution for Japan’s cooperative regional financial institutions), and SBTI (a foreign subsidiary of a Japanese listed company called Shinki Bus Co., Ltd.). The aim was to explore ways to connect Thai travel agencies with local Japanese companies. JNTO has a particular focus on the MICE (Meetings, Incentive tours, Conferences, and Exhibitions) business, particularly aiming to encourage incentive tours to Japan by Thai companies. Sasin Japan Center received an order from JNTO to conduct research and seminars on incentive travel this year.
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