Sasin Japan Center Seminar: Co-Creation of Value is key to business success

21 Dec 2022
On December 9, 2022, with the support of JICA, Laos Japan Institute (National University of Laos), GDM, and Shitokai, Sasin Japan Center (SJC) and the Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies co-hosted a Co-Creation of Value Seminar at Sasin School of Management. After the opening remarks by Professor Ian Fenwick, Director of Sasin School of Management, Professor Junichi Muramatsu, President of Japan Academy for Asian Market Economies, gave a special talk on the concept of co-creation of value which is based on the ideas of Nordic marketing scholars. Professor Takamasa Fujioka, Director of Sasin Japan Center, then spoke of how companies get involved in the consumption process of customers, and value is co-created through interactions between companies and customers using this concept. In the second half of the seminar, three cases were introduced, followed by a panel discussion. Sompo Insurance (Thailand), a group company of one of Japan’s largest insurance companies, has partnered with Ajinomoto to support the business of Thai cassava farmers facing the risk of drought. Neural Group (Thailand) is a Neural Pocket group company that was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange only two and a half years after it was founded. Finally, KOSEN is an engineer training system unique to Japan. KOSEN in Thailand was established as a JICA project with the Ministry of Education of Thailand several years ago and is working to develop innovative Thai engineers. About 80 participants from JETRO, Siam-Takashimaya, IHI, Baker McKenzie, Nihon M&A Center, and many others, joined the seminar to learn about co-creation of value and to enjoy some networking.   * KOSEN, a five-year engineering education program for 15-20-year-olds, was established in 1961 in Japan, in response to a strong demand from the industrial sector to foster engineers to help sustain the high Japanese economic growth at that time. Approximately 300,000 students have graduated so far in Japan, contributing actively not only in the industrial world but also in the academic sector, as engineers, researchers, managers and so on.
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