04 Jan 2021
On October 15, Professor Takamasa Fujioka gave the keynote speech at a webinar titled, “Potential Risks in the Bangkok Market and Risk Management Required for Top Executives”. He identified future risks in the Thai market and discussed how business leaders can address those risks. He noted that in early 2020, COVID-19 emerged as a sudden shock [crisis] in the beginning. But it has now transformed into a longitudinal shock [risk]. With this change, Professor Fujioka suggested that business leaders now have to adjust their business strategies by considering not only business continuity plans but also business transformation plans. Over 120 participants of leading companies such as Toyota Tsusho, Panasonic, Sumitomo, Bangkok Bank, and Kasikorn Bank participated in the webinar, which was a collaborative online event between SJC and LiB Consulting, one of the largest strategic consulting firms in Japan.
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