22 Mar 2021
Bangkok March 22, 2021 – Sasin School of Management, the first internationally accredited business school in Thailand, has renovated the entire first and second floors of Sasa Patasala Building. The new world-class, participant-oriented facilities provides a series of flexible working spaces that will complement Sasin’s classrooms. The areas are flexible, reconfigurable, to serve many needs. The renovation was made possible by a generous donation from an anonymous alumnus. Professor Ian Fenwick, Director of Sasin School of Management said “Sasin’s new, flexible spaces, created to foster inspiration, connection, and transformation, are the most visible signs of the changes at Sasin. Exponential technologies ensure we will face a world of perpetual disruption in business, in society and, of course, in education. Education, especially business education, is transforming. Education is becoming much more digitally oriented. The pandemic has put all this into fast forward. In a very real sense, the pandemic has laid the groundwork for blended learning: complementing on-line teaching of frameworks with f2f small group applications of those frameworks: action learning. Our students now have a series of flexible working spaces from more formal study rooms to totally informal ‘niches’: small areas with seating, power and screens. These will complement our classrooms, just as action learning complements their learning. Our Mission and Vision are not about awarding degrees but about developing leaders who understand and implement sustainable business practices. Sustainability is the driving force of Gen S or Generation Sasin who can create wider impact for a better, smarter, sustainable word” The renovation includes Royal Hall Exhibition, Bancha Lamsam Suite, Toemsakdi Krishnamra Hall, Speakers’ Corner, Workshops, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center (SEC), Sasa Commons (by FOODLAB) and Café Doitung. After the official opening on March 22, Sasin will be holding series of events aimed at bringing more diverse people into Sasin. Stay tuned!
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