Seminar on Creating Value Through Management of Products and Customer Profitability

24 Nov 2003


On November 24-25, 2003 Sasin  offered a seminar on the topic of Creating Value through Management of Products and Customer Profitability.  The seminar leaders were Professor Nandu J. Nagarajan, Professor of Business Administration, Katz Business Schoolof the University of Pittsburgh and Sasin Visiting Professor of Finance and Professor Ian D. Fenwick, Sasin Visiting Professor of Marketing and Professor of Marketing at Schulich Business School of York University.  The seminar was held at Sasa Patasala Building where 30 executives from private institutions learned about:

  • The essence of a competitive effective CRM strategy
  • Competitor recognition
  • Identifying latent and emergent competitors
  • Understanding—and controlling—customer benefit drivers
  • Taking service to the next level
  • Key account management and touch-point analysis
  • Designing service recovery systems
  • An implementation roadmap
  • Building organization readiness


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