SJC-TSUBASA Alliance Seminar: Japanese Business Strategies in Thailand

26 Mar 2024
On February 28, 2024, the Sasin Japan Center (SJC) and the TSUBASA Alliance, comprising 10 influential regional banks in Japan, including Hokuyo Bank (Hokkaido), Toho Bank (Fukushima), Gunma Bank (Gunma), Chiba Bank (Chiba), Musashino Bank (Saitama), Daishi Hokuetsu Bank (Niigata), Shiga Bank (Shiga), Chugoku Bank (Okayama), and Iyo Bank (Ehime), gathered for their annual seminar focused on business strategies and risk management. The seminar began with an opening remark by Dibyendu Bose, Deputy Director of Sasin School of Management. Following this, Professor Takamasa Fujioka, Director of Sasin Japan Center and Associate Dean of Meiji Professional Graduate School, delivered a keynote speech titled “Responses to future risks and business strategies in the Thai market.” Professor Fujioka’s address explored strategies tailored to navigate the dynamic Thai market, highlighting potential challenges and opportunities that Japanese companies might encounter. Emphasizing adaptability and forward-thinking, his insights provided attendees with actionable strategies to strengthen their market presence and enhance resilience amidst uncertainties. The seminar concluded with a networking dinner, providing an opportunity for 120 executives representing 100 Japanese companies in Thailand to exchange ideas. Notable participants included companies like IHI and ALSOK, underscoring the event’s relevance within the Japanese business community in Thailand. Overall, the seminar facilitated knowledge sharing and strategic discussions, enabling attendees to gain insights into navigating the complexities of the Thai market effectively. Through collaborative efforts, the Sasin Japan Center and the TSUBASA Alliance demonstrated their commitment to fostering innovation and resilience in cross-border business endeavors.
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