The 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Sasin

16 Sep 2022
Established in 1982 through a collaboration among Chulalongkorn University, the Kellogg School of Management, and The Wharton Business School. From the start, Sasin was built on the pursuit of excellence. Now in our 40th year, we face the challenge of rebooting, re-energizing, firing up our entrepreneurial spirits, recognizing the opportunities in the crises, and moving forward with excellence. We also presented our “Long Service Award” to Sasin’s Deputy Director Nick Pisalyaput, who has worked at Sasin for 15 years, and the Sasin “Teacher of the Year Award” for the 2021-2022 academic year to Sasin faculty member, Associate Professor Pattanaporn Chatjuthamard, Ph.D. Also, Sasin, through Sasin Community Fundraising, donated THB 40,000 to the “Sasin4Kids” project to support children in need all over Thailand. We had so much fun celebrating Sasin’s 40th Anniversary with many alumni and students from different classes, faculty, and staff members. Thank you to everyone who attended the celebration at Sasin on September 15, 2022. Thank you for 40 great years and let’s make it 40forward!  
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