The President of Meiji University recently visited Sasin School of Management

11 Nov 2022
The President of Meiji University, Professor Kosaku Dairokuno, recently visited Sasin School of Management to thank Sasin’s Director, Professor Ian Fenwick, and Deputy Director of Learning Solutions, Associate Professor Chaipong Pongpanich, for their courtesy visit to Meiji University in June. Professor Koji Yoshimura, Dean of Meiji Professional Graduate Schools, and Professor Takamasa Fujioka, Director of the Sasin Japan Center and a professor at Meiji Business School, accompanied Professor Dairokuno. Nick Pisalyaput, Sasin Deputy Director of Strategy, Innovation, and Impact, Montana Pornpunyalert, Sasin Deputy Director of Enabling Services, Lisa Leatphaibool, Assistant Director of Sasin Experience, and Dean Outerson, Sasin’s Ambassador and Writer-in-Residence of Sasin, were part of the team that welcomed the Meiji delegation and gave them a tour of Sasin’s facilities. Sasin and Meiji established a partnership in 2019, Meiji’s first partnership in Southeast Asia. The two institutions are collaborating on student and faculty exchanges, research and data collaboration, and have created liaison offices at both campuses, which recently opened earlier this year. During the visit, two Japanese media companies interviewed Professor Fenwick and Professor Dairokuno about the significance and future direction of this unique partnership. Established in 1881, Meiji University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Japan, with around 100,000 applicants each year. Throughout its history, Meiji University has produced prominent lawyers, CPAs, presidents of many large companies, and more than 30 Olympic medalists. Meiji’s business school is internationally accredited and is currently focusing on global partnerships.  
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