Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Week 2023

02 Nov 2023
Panichat Kitisittichai, SasinSEC SasinSEC hosted a “Women Entrepreneurs Week (WEW) 2023” meet-up on 19 October from 1 to 4 p.m., themed “Entrepreneurship and Diversity,” bringing together inspired individuals from various backgrounds to advocate for a more equitable business environment. Diversity in Action: Reflecting on the Event Highlights The event featured activities and discussions appealing to the attendees’ diverse interests and needs. Several highlights made this WEW 2023 a memorable experience:
  1. Speaker Insights: Respected women and transgender leaders from various sectors shared their unique insights and experiences, highlighting the significance of inclusive leadership in promoting meaningful change within organizations and communities.
  2. Engaging Panel Discussions. Thought-provoking panel discussions challenged attendees on topics such as overcoming barriers in male-dominated industries; creating inclusive work environments; and assuring funding access to underrepresented entrepreneurs.
  3. Skill-Building seminars. Skills-building exercises focused on honing leadership skills, optimizing business development strategies, leveraging effective marketing techniques, and mastering financial management to equip attendees with indispensable success tools.
  4. Inspirational Entrepreneurial Showcases. Attendees exhibited their innovative businesses, products, and services, fostering a collaborative spirit and the possibility of mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations.
  5. Guidance and Support. Experienced mentors freely shared their knowledge and counsel to aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering the spirit of mentorship and encouraging a culture of support within the entrepreneurial community.
  6. Celebrating Excellence. The event climaxed by recognizing the exceptional achievements of women and transgender entrepreneurs, highlighting the significance of their contributions and instilling a sense of pride in attendees.
  7. Building Connections. To help cultivate meaningful connections, attendees enjoyed a variety of interactive networking opportunities aimed at encouraging the development of long-lasting relationships and the cultivation of a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.
WEW 2023 established a trend-setting narrative by embracing the “Leading with Inclusivity” ethos, empowering women and transgender entrepreneurs to initiate significant industry-wide change. This thought-provoking event was meant to pave the way for a more inclusive entrepreneurial setting, highlighting the role of empowered leadership in establishing a progressive business environment. Our SasinSEC team extends thanks to attendees, speakers, mentors, and sponsors, all of whom contributed to the event’s success. Together, let us continue this journey towards a more equitable and inclusive future for all.  
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