Connect+ Executive MBA

For leaders with at least 5 years post-degree management or professional experience.

  • Modular Structure: The program consists of six modules, each a 15-week learning journey.
  • Flexible Completion Time: Complete the program in as little as 20 months, or extend it over up to 48 months to fit your schedule.
  • 18 Comprehensive Online Courses: A series of engaging and in-depth educational experiences designed for online learning.
  • Course Duration: Each course spans over 5 weeks, ensuring thorough coverage of topics.
  • Residential Sessions: Participate in three immersive 4-day residential sessions in Southeast Asia for hands-on learning and cultural experience.
  • Engaging Videos: High-quality, captivating video content, featuring comprehensive video lectures and insightful Southeast Asia-focused videos, designed to provide in-depth knowledge and regional context.
  • Weekly Live Sessions: Interactive live sessions held weekly with faculty and business experts.
  • Interactive Online Activities: Diverse online activities designed to deepen understanding, including tutorial activities, online forum discussions, case analyses, and reflections, tips, and advice from regional leaders.
  • Collaborative Group Projects: Opportunities for teamwork and collaboration through group projects, fostering peer learning.
  • Graded Assignments: Weekly quizzes and assignments that are graded to assess comprehension and provide feedback on progress.
  • Typical Weekly Time Commitment: Expect to dedicate 12-15 hours per week to coursework.

Online Modules

In-Person Residentials In Southeast Asia

Skills & Values for Mindful Leaders

Making Financial Decisions for the 21st Century

Leading in an Age of Disruption

Capturing & Delivering Value

Gaining Competitive Advantage

Managing Digital Innovation

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